Pioneering AI for Human Capital: Announcing EV3 Global, Solving the Trillion Dollar Employee Turnover Problem.

Launching out of stealth, the early-stage company raises $3 million.

Denver, CO (May 2, 2024) - EV3 Global, a technology company empowering customers with unrivaled employment intelligence, announces it has raised $3 million in funding. The financing was led by Real Tech Capital, partners from leading VC firms, and a group of private investors.

“EV3 is transforming the hiring experience for applicants and employers. In a rapidly changing talent landscape, employers are seeking to improve hiring decisions with better data, and EV3’s technology equips every hiring manager to hire more efficiently and smarter. EV3’s impact is measurable, making an impact on a company's bottom line by reducing attrition costs and revolutionizing how businesses build teams and improve culture,” said Brandon Cruz, General Partner at Real Tech Capital.

Founded in 2022, EV3 Global is focused on helping companies eliminate the guesswork of hiring by utilizing objective data within sophisticated, unbiased, AI learning models to solve the trillion-dollar turnover problem. EV3’s software exclusively uses objective data to provide a unique, non-discriminatory view of employment history, application integrity, and employee reliability.

The company's leadership team has a combined 75+ years of entrepreneurial experience founding and building marketing, software, and data science companies. Together, they are focused on harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI technology and data analytics to provide unrivaled and unprecedented insights for hiring managers.

“This funding marks a pivotal moment for our customers and the employment landscape. Throughout our entrepreneurial endeavors, the team has first-hand experience with the pressures our customers encounter daily in talent management, especially in hiring and retention. We are proud of the outsized ROI delivered to our early customers including a measurable reduction in the time-to-fill all roles and improving hiring metrics across an organization,” said Frank Richards, CEO. “With this new funding, we are poised to broaden our impact, enabling more enterprises to experience the transformative effects of unbiased AI models. This is a generational paradigm shift in how organizations hire and retain the best talent.”

About EV3 Global

EV3 Global’s vision is to solve the $1 trillion dollar annual economic impact of employee turnover through its proprietary solutions. By utilizing vast amounts of impartial data and AI models that have been built specifically for non-biased decisioning, EV3 is reducing employee turnover and improving corporate culture while empowering employees to take control of their careers by ensuring they thrive throughout the arc of their chosen path.

For more information, visit EV3 Global.

Press Contact: Stacia Kirby, 206-478-5841