EV3 Global Successfully Acquires Countable, Enhancing Employee Engagement Capabilities

DENVER, CO (June, 2024) - Countable, a leading platform for digital community engagement, has been acquired by EV3 Global, a technology innovator in employment intelligence and AI. This acquisition further expands EV3 Global’s capabilities by integrating a proven employee engagement solution and adding experts in Employee Experience to its team, enhancing EV3 Global’s ability to address the trillion-dollar employee turnover problem.

“In the last few years, the explosion of remote work, mass layoffs, mass resignation, and quiet quitting, speaks to a major shift in what employees are looking for and need in their jobs,” said Bart Myers, CEO of Countable Tech, “ We’ve learned through working closely with our customers, that putting more emphasis on employee engagement, listening to what they need, and connecting them with each other and the right resources, helps companies and their employees navigate the turbulent labor market.”

Countable provides leading brands with robust digital tools designed to simplify content creation and community-building, which is essential for online engagement. Whether a retail giant or a global non-profit, Countable’s platform keeps the customer in control of their data and the experience, makes it easy to inform audiences, and mobilize them through curated calls-to-action and communication tools that encourage dialogue, engagement, advocacy, and critical outcomes.

“Since 2013, Countable has been reimagining and optimizing online engagement, creating digital communities that are safe, interactive, and compelling. Integrating our technology with the visionary work at EV3 Global will add another new dimension to the employee experience,” said Emily Bell, Vice President of Product Management at EV3 Global.

By adding Countable’s platform to its suite of products and incorporating a team with deep employee engagement knowledge, EV3 Global is expanding its reach and impact into new aspects of the employee lifecycle. This strategic collaboration enables customers to harness the power to connect their increasingly remote and disconnected workforces, with technology that fosters more authentic communication on any device wherever they are, a key component for employees.

“By bringing Countable into the EV3 Global fold, we can offer organizations of all sizes one of the best platforms for employee engagement, delivering a robust suite of digital tools tailored to the needs of each community,” said Frank Richards, CEO of EV3 Global. “The Countable team’s expertise and insights are immeasurable, and we look forward to integrating their abilities into all that we do.”

“Employees are working from the road, working from offices, and working from home. Real-time, efficient, and meaningful digital communication that’s tailored to where they are and what they need is key to keeping employees connected and nurturing a sense of community. We are delighted to bring these critical capabilities to the EV3 Global family. This strategic collaboration will enable customers to holistically improve the employee experience from the point of hire through long-term retention,” adds Bart.

About Countable:

Based in Oakland, California, Countable powers digital communities for some of the world's leading brands, including Starbucks, Patagonia, and Albertsons. Countable specializes in employee and customer engagement and action for companies, as well as supporter and voter engagement for political campaigns and nonprofits. It empowers enterprises to establish a vibrant community experience and turn engagement into meaningful, measurable, and scalable impact resulting in increased revenue, maximized retention, and continuous innovation. For more information, visit Countable.com.

About EV3 Global:

EV3 Global is committed to solving the trillion-dollar economic impact of employee turnover through its innovative solutions. By leveraging extensive impartial data and AI models designed for unbiased decision-making, EV3 enhances employee retention and corporate culture, empowering employees to thrive throughout their careers. For more information, visit EV3 Global.io.

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Stacia Kirby, 206-478-5841